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Entrepreneurial Spirit with a Global Reach

CTI Foods' Entrepreneurial Spirit drives our Strategic Partnerships with the Largest North American Customers.

CTI Foods has been serving the food service industry since 1986. What began as a small business has now flourished into an innovation-focused manufacturing and culinary company. We take pride in our six processing facilities strategically positioned across the United States.

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Throughout the years, we’ve navigated different food trends and helped top-tier clients develop distinction through product innovation and commercialization. Our years of service, dedication, and innovation make CTI Foods who we are today.


CTI Foods

CTI Foods is your custom-crafted premium foods partner.

With a legacy of culinary innovation, cutting-edge food designs, modern culinary techniques, and scale-to-volume production capabilities, CTI Foods brings a gourmet experience to custom-crafted premium foods.

We develop unique food products, menu concepts, and gold-standard flavor delivery systems that set brands apart.

Discover why our passion for great taste and efficiency makes us your ideal partner.

Our Commitment

At CTI Foods, we are committed to delivering the future of custom-crafted foods in markets where we play.

We stay competitive by providing insights into the market, exploring new culinary techniques, and developing new products and services while improving existing ones.

Our bold mix of food passion, custom culinary expertise, and small kitchen craftsmanship allows us to deliver custom food solutions that are on trend.


Our Core Values

We are a customer focused custom manufacturer of quality food products to exacting standards that delight our customers and their consumers.


Food safety, quality, and authenticity are central to our solutions. We invest in line automation and optimization and leverage our size, scale, and agility to quickly deliver new products that challenge the industry.


From our chefs and food safety and quality (FSQ) team to our operations and procurement department, we take an active role in maintaining food safety standards while ensuring efficient operations and consistently exceptional customer experience.


Our CTI team’s artisan mindset, first-hand knowledge, and passion for best practices allow us to create custom food solutions that serve millions of consumers nationwide.


CTI Foods is a valued innovation and production partner to some of the country’s leading brands. We work closely with our clients and continuously seek opportunities to bridge the gap between your innovation and production challenges and our solutions.

Continuous Improvement

CTI Foods is committed to creating insight-driven products and commercialization processes. We stay on top of trends and innovations, and because we know where the market is going, we are able to deliver what consumers want and the experience they’re looking for.


Creating Unique, Inventive Taste Profiles

When it comes to creativity and innovation, no custom food manufacturer comes close to the master chefs and R&D team at CTI Foods. We’re transforming not only tastes and aromas but the visual presentation.

Our staff of classically-trained culinary and R&D professionals act as an extension of your business. We bring together a unique depth of knowledge and breadth of experience in both the custom foods manufacturing and service industry.

Transform your brand into an exciting culinary destination with new and exciting specialty foods that pique consumers’ taste buds.

A Rare Combination of Culinary, Technical Innovation and World Class Food Manufacturing

At CTI Foods, we are focused on keeping our clients ahead of the culinary and commercialization curve. From improving a product concept to developing new flavors and manufacturing custom foods at scale, our CTI team is ready to work with you.