Sides and Beans

Sustainably Sourced Flavor-Packed Farm Freshness

From latest side dishes to high-quality dehydrated beans, CTI Foods adds a delicious twist to your custom foods to better suit your consumer’s tastes.

Matching customer demands with local supply is what we do best.


Versatile Side
Dishes That Impress

Amp your customer’s meal experience and break the monotony with custom foods that never miss the mark.

CTI Foods produces custom food products for virtually any cuisine and staple comfort foods. We work hand in hand with our clients to deliver not only flavorful, exclusive kitchen prototypes but custom appetizers and side dishes that can be produced with high-efficiency techniques.

Bringing Profitable Distinction to Your Menu or Brand

Highest-Quality Dehydrated Beans Picked at the Peak of Flavor

CTI Foods brings the farm gate experience to the public with innovative and exciting new varieties of dehydrated beans sourced from North America’s premier growing regions.

Carefully batch-prepared dehydrated beans are a culinary wonder that are exploding in popularity for their convenience and flexible uses. Our proprietary approach preserves the original savory flavor but also saves enormous labor, energy and waste when rehydrated and heated.

And our long-standing relationships with the best farms in North America assures of the best crops every year. This is particularly important for our high volume, crafted bean foods on America’s best known menus.

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We Make Your Product Formulation a Smashing Success

The CTI Foods Advantage

Your Brand. Our Food Expertise.

Food Safety & Integrity

We invest in the latest metal detection and X-ray scanning technology and implement systematic product evaluations throughout production, ensuring superior and reliable product integrity.

Supply Stabilization

With our local network of producers and growers, we’re able to source dehydrated instant refried beans for high-volume capacity and high-performance production.

Comprehensive Specialty Foods Solutions

Our services go beyond sourcing dehydrated refried beans. CTI Foods can assist you with custom product development, commercialization, supply chain stabilization, and logistical support.

Latest Food Processing Technology

We have in-depth process knowledge and the most current processing technologies available to ensure production and efficiency are second-to-none. Our USDA-approved processing facilities guarantee every meal has freshness locked in.

Custom Foods Research & Development

Whether traditional or innovative, our culinary experts and operations team are here to make your food ideas a reality. We leverage our culinary expertise, keep up with market insights, and source premium, sustainable ingredients to create unparalleled flavors and textures.

Culinary Innovation Center

Our team of culinary professionals, led by our classically trained executive chef, works with your team to deliver custom appetizers and side dishes that serve your applications and meet consumers’ quality expectations.

CTI Foods: Changing the Way Food Is Made

Our custom food service is just what you need to round out your main dishes. CTI Foods connects with trusted local growers to meet your demand for dehydrated refried beans within your budget and time frame.

Contact us to explore new custom food development, production, and commercialization opportunities.