Real Food Perspective

Exceptional, Authentic Culinary Flavor Systems

CTI Foods brings a distinctive flavor medley into your menu innovation with delicious, real nutritious food that delights consumers.


Real Food,
Real Simple

Eating real food that balances nutrition and flavor is a complex science. This is especially true if you don’t know where to buy real for real cuisine.

At CTI Foods, our job is to solve your problems. Our seasoned chefs, specialists, and technicians develop real nutritious food through balanced combinations of consumer insights, high-quality ingredients, seasonings, and cooking techniques.

Let’s work together and develop flavors that work best for your custom food products and satisfy your consumer’s needs.

Custom Food Products

Build your brand with consistent, high-quality custom food products that make eating real food an absolute delight.

Custom Proteins

From raw marinated and fully cooked proteins to plant-based proteins, we’re experts at developing food products made exclusively for you.

Sides & Beans

Make the rest of your meal sing with custom side dishes and beans that add balance, variety, and a delicious twist to your main course.

Soups & Sauces

Add a touch of innovation to your soups and sauces just the way your customers want them. Besides a delicious taste, we ensure your products have a long shelf-life.

Make Consumers Rediscover the Pleasure of Eating Real Food

Whether your goal is to take consumers on a global journey or back through time to rediscover nostalgic tastes, CTI’s authentic flavor systems let you deliver real food taste experiences that truly satisfy.

Bring out the flavors consumers love with our chef-inspired custom food creations.